Partnering Interests


We are passionate about driving progress in science, whatever its origin. Our goal is to identify the best innovations and bring them to patients in need. Only by partnering with the brightest minds in science and healthcare can we serve patients with difficult-to-treat bacterial infections, now and in the future.

Our Area of Focus

AUROBAC THERAPEUTICS ambitions to become a global leader in the fight against bacterial infections and AMR over the coming years.

AUROBAC THERAPEUTICS is currently seeking to strengthen its product portfolio and is particularly interested in co-developing or in-licensing products developed to fight bacterial infections & AMR. We focus on both traditional and alternative modalities, with a scope of interest ranging from novel antimicrobials to engineered bacteriophages, phages lysins, monoclonal antibodies, immunomodulators, etc., provided that these products are innovative, protected by a strong IP portfolio and that the bacterial coverage and the anticipated clinical pathway are compatible with what we are targeting as main indications, meaning:

  • Programs targeting ESKAPE Pathogens, and particularly gram-negative ESKAPE pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • Programs being developed for the treatment of Acute Respiratory Infections (HAP, VAP), Sepsis and/or Septic Shock.

We are particularly interested in targeted modalities that can be combined with rapid and actionable diagnostics and that are supported by new economic models. Preclinical or early clinical-stage assets are our priority for partnering.

AUROBAC THERAPEUTICS is willing to enter into a variety of partnership agreements, taking advantages of its research and development capabilities, the support of its experienced team, advisors and founders (Boehringer Ingelheim, bioMérieux and EVOTEC), to bring innovative products to the market, while maximizing their chances of success! Many different types of cooperation schemes could be possible along the way: R&D consortium, academic cooperation, co-development, licensing agreements, and full acquisition.


Partnership Ideas

If you have an opportunity for collaboration or an interesting technology/program that can address unmet medical needs in the bacterial infections and AMR spaces, we would like to hear from you.

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AUROBAC THERAPEUTICS is proud to be a member of the BEAM Alliance

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